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Troika vase 

Originally made by a Cornish Art Pottery,

based in St Ives and then moved to Newlyn (1962 - 1983).

They are decorated with geometric designs 

depicting local interest (mine exits, fishing artefacts).

Preparation -plans, materials and tools


Mould, something cylindrical 

to wrap clay, plaster or paper

mache round

Plans. Materials shaped to these formats

ready for assembly.

Troika vase.jpg
separators fixers.jpg

Separators to get material off the

mould. Cling film, aluminium foil or

bubble wrap.

Rubber bands may be useful to hold

materials onto mould.

trial pieces.jpg

Sample rings - these are made in eucalyptus bark. 

paper mache trial.jpg

A few layers of paper wrapped round mould (bubble wrap as release layer).

Remove when dry, fold in flat for base.

cut disc2.jpg

Cut a disc from thin card for each side.

Lightly fix with masking tape.

one side.jpg

Join sides to main body with paper mache strips. 

Cut sides to shape the base.

ready for paint.jpg
ready for paint 1.jpg

Add more layers, try to get as smooth a surface as possible.

with filler.jpg

Paint base coat, again keep adding coats to harden the surface. Filler added here to improve smoothness. Paint again after glass papering between coats.


Completed Troika Wheel Vase, just the decoration to add.

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